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NeuroRehabilitation Sunshine Coast is a rehabilitation medicine service specialising in out-of-hospital treatment of spasticity (also known as hypertonicity) secondary to stroke, cerebral palsy, brain injury, spinal injury and other brain and spinal cord conditions. We use state of the art ultrasound technology to provide gold-standard intramuscular injections of botulinum toxin.

Dr Warren Jennings-Bell is an experienced rehabilitation and spasticity specialist having performed thousands of ultrasound-guided procedures. He enjoys and is committed to providing friendly and high quality rehabilitation care to persons experiencing limited function and impairment following injury or illness of the brain and spinal cord in a supportive and comfortable environment, without having to attend a hospital.

Dr Jennings-Bell is a registered Medical Practitioner and Consultant Physician in the specialty of Rehabilitation Medicine. He is a highly skilled physician with particular interests in brain injury, spinal cord injury and ultrasound-guided procedures that improve function and quality of life.

Spasticity Management

Evidence-Based Spasticity Treatment

Spasticity affects people in different ways. As muscles tighten you may find that your upper or lower limb position is affected. Prolonged muscle tightness can result in permanent muscle shortening and joint contracture. Once contractures occur treatment can be very difficult and may require surgical treatment, so it is very important to treat spasticity appropriately and early enough to prevent this from occurring.


Work on stretching, strengthening and improving your level of independence

After your botulinum toxin injections you can work with your therapist to improve the outcome of the procedure.

With the added assistance of orthoses and electrical stimulation devices you may be able to further improve your condition, level of function and reduce the frequency of repeat injections.

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