Therapy may help prolong the benefits of botulinum toxin injections. It should commence approximately 1-2 weeks following the procedure, so you will need to plan ahead with your therapist. With your physiotherapist, occupational therapist or other allied health professional, you will work on stretching and strengthening different muscle groups to improve your range of motion and function.

Funding options

  1. Private health insurance often provides a rebate for private therapy sessions.
  2. NDIS participants should discuss therapy services with your NDIS coordinator.
  3. DVA card holders can access up to 12 therapy sessions per year (contact DVA for details).
  4. Medicare will cover up to 5 therapy sessions each calendar year if your GP has completed a Chronic Disease Management Plan, but this will also probably incur a gap payment for each session. This option alone is unlikely to provide an adequate level of therapy following your procedure.
  5. Worker’s Compensation, NIISQ or MAIC usually cover the full cost of approved outpatient therapy programs.
  6. Your own expense if none of the above options apply to you.


Consistent use of orthoses can improve outcomes and increase the duration of effect between injections. An effective splinting regimen may involve wearing a dynamic orthosis during the day and a static orthosis overnight. You can work with your therapist as you use your orthoses to improve the outcome of the botulinum toxin injection procedure.

Dynamic orthosis

Soft splints, often custom designed, that allow guided movement enabling the patient to work towards a desired motion. They can improve muscle tone, pain and motor performance.

Static orthosis

Rigid splints are designed to prolong muscle stretch by holding a body segment in place to prevent undesired movement or posture. You can discuss and trial static splints with your therapist.

Electrical stimulation device

Muscle stimulators are available for promoting movement where there is weakness due to illness or injury of the central nervous system. These may be worn to assist with ankle dorsiflexion, knee flexion or knee extension.

Companies that manufacture these orthoses include:

Second Skin –
Jobskin –
Saebo –
Ottobock –

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